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Portronics launched Disney and Marvel theme accessories

Disney India in cooperation with Portronics on Monday launched the Disney series accessories inspired by Disney characters and Marvel Avengers assemble the universe. The various Portronics-Disney series products include portable speakers makes benches earphones, headphones and sticks with a superhero twist to come. Accessories are all Disney and Marvel themes on the website Portronics by

Sony recovered back on track for gamers after Christmas

PlayStation from Sony that was back online network and he had attacked claimed been three days later and the Microsoft Xbox was at a standstill. Cut a Christmas day allegedly coordinated hack game consoles both hot gifts for the holiday season even though the Xbox has worked at full capacity since Friday. “PlayStation Network and

Google beat Autism through its new invention of Google Glass

Google Glass designed US startup applications and hardware extensions for autistic children social and communication skills and at the same time feedback to developers learning can help them a lot. Cambridge Massachusetts-based startup called brain power of neuroscientists Ned T Sahin be based studies at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Institute of technology has

Microsoft innovates real time translation software for windows 8.1

Introduction of a test program of Spanish German with Skype Messenger Service announced a new step toward real-time translation on Monday says Microsoft. “The Viewer program will begin with two languages Spanish and English. Skype translator opens endless possibilities for people around the world connect communicate and collaborate. Now there won’t be any people who

Skype offers a bug that can listen to other users

Skype offers a bug that can listen to other users without real effort for Android app supposedly .As a reddit user Ponkers (via Android police) discovered security bug on Android app can “to respond to Android version of Skype impose so you listen.” As Ponkers explains it requires that two devices associated with the Skype-account

New Samsung Galaxy Phone Launch

Recent rumors put an end, Samsung launched the “World’s first LTE advanced tri-band smart phone aggregate carrier” on Monday after all Galaxy-S-4-Note LTE. SM-916 download the model number the device hits the shelves in his home country Republic of Korea beginning mid-January. The price for the device and the availability outside the region is not

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