3 Reasons to use Firefox Browser

firefoxJohnathan Nightingale, VP of Firefox Engineering famously said, “You probably spend more time on your browser than in bed,” and he is indeed right today more and more people are spending a significant amount of time on the internet every day. Today, everyone relies on the internet for almost everything right from getting new information to booking tickets and from buying groceries to communicating with your loved ones. Just as you meticulously take a decision for everything in your life it is important to choose the best browser and Mozilla Firefox is certainly best among the rest. Here are top 3 benefits of this browser:

  • It is faster than other browsers

The developers of Mozilla Firefox constantly keep bringing new changes to the browser to ensure that it provides an unforgettable browsing experience to all internet users. Every time the developers release new updates, the developers make various new changes to make the browser faster than other browsing platforms. If you compare Firefox with other browsers you would find that the page loading time is faster in Firefox than other browsers.

While you are restoring your previous browsing sessions, the Firefox loads only the tabs that you select to instead of loading all the tabs at once that have not selected to activate. This is an excellent feature because while the multiple tabs load simultaneously it uses a lot of bandwidth, consequently it affect the page loading time.

While you are browsing the web, the browser allocates some memory as required by the user. Mozilla Firefox frees up the space when it is not required and utilizes the space to what the user is doing currently. This not only increases the page loading time but also provides a better browsing experience to all.

The newer version of Mozilla Firefox a new technology called SPDY is integrated in to the browser. This enables some of the most popular websites like Google and Twitter load faster. Additionally, Firefox support for third-party plugins called current version plugins has allowed it to build a more compact and more efficient browser which runs better then Internet Explorer. More information on Current Version Plugins can be found at VersionPlugin.

  • Better Security

One of the major concerns every internet users is the safety concerns of their identity being stole or falling prey to phishing attacks. However, if you are using Mozilla Firefox, you can be sure of maximum security and prevent yourself becoming victims of internet scams. The SPDY technology adds more security to the web. Typically when you browse through any site, not many people are aware of the fact that they leave a trail of their private information behind, which makes it easier, which makes it easier for the people involved in scams to steal the private information and misuse it. With Mozilla Firefox you can be sure that all your private data is secured and that is not exposed unnecessarily.

  • Committed to provide the best browsing experience to please you.

The developers at Mozilla Firefox always work with a mission of making Firefox better for everyone. The company is not here to make money from the users but instead it only wants the users to have a great browsing experience, which includes keeping your personal data safe.

Thus Mozilla Firefox not only help you to be in full control of your browsing but also enrich your online experience. Not to mention, Mozilla provides you to access web pages at full speed ahead of other browsers. So now that you are aware of the top 3 benefits of using Mozilla Firefox, you can go ahead and make it your default browser.

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