Accessing Gmail? Know Where to Sign In

ImagesChecking email is important for professionals, businessmen and even non-working individuals on everyday basis. Gmail is a web-based email service available for free from Google. The Gmail program automatically arranges and organizes all related messages into one conversational thread. You can safely access Gmail from the web browser/smart phone or desktop client. Before you can access your Gmail account, you have to sign up on Google. To sign up, follow a few step-by-step procedures. Once you are done, you are registered with Google, so now you can sign in.

The Methods of signing in

  • As you click on ‘Gmail Sign in’ two boxes appear, one for the username and the other box for password. Enter your Gmail sign in ID and your password; and you can access all your mails at once

Here, we bring to you a more elaborate way of accessing Gmail account

  • You start a web browser from your PC
  • The next step is to type ‘’ or ‘’ in the address bar
  • In the next step you will be redirected to Google account sign in page. Remember, all Google products can be accessed from the Gmail login account
  • Once, the page appears enter your Gmail sign in username and password. A ‘keep me signed in’ box surfaces at the bottom of the page where you can click to activate the function, so that you need not type in username and password every time on your PC. However, make sure that you do not follow this method on a public computer

Follow the tips below to know how to access Gmail on smartphone

  • Turn on the smartphone
  • Go to the settings option and click on Gmail. You may even add an account then click on ‘Add account’
  • Fill in all prior information in the existing account like your username and password. What more can you want when you get to nickname your email, whether for business or personal purpose
  • Once you are finished, click on Next. Do check whether the Mail radio button is turned on in the settings
  • You final step is to click on Mail app so as to access Gmail account through IMAP. Remember, though it is not the usual way of accessing Gmail, bit it proves to be the best especially when you are on transit and cannot have access to your PC.

How to access Gmail form a public computer

  • If you want to access Gmail from public computer then go to Since logging in public computers comes with security risks, you have to be careful about the procedures adopted.
  • Then, the next step is to download Google Sesame app on your iPhone from the Google Play or app store
  • Install the app and then run it on your iPhone
  • You may take a photo of the QR code using the Sesame app and Google
  • The QR Code will take some time to process

Once you go through the above methods, it will become easy for you to access Gmail quickly and easily.

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