Classic Old Film Effect with Movavi Video Editor

1If you have fetish for silent old movies or black and white classics, then Movavi has great software for giving old film effects to your videos. There is always something classy about the old movies and pictures. The black and white or sepia look always has an air of sophistication and charisma about itself. Now, there is no need to spend sleepless nights thinking about how to make video with monochrome look. Any video no matter how colorful it is can be given a vintage look. All you need to do is install the software and you are all set to be a pro video maker.

It is to install and a comprehensive user manual ensures that the user can make the best use of the software. After downloading and installing, the files to be edited have to be added to the editing program. For a beginner, a quick glance at the user manual would be of great help. A wide range of effects and editing options are available. All the tools will be present to give a vintage look to any modern video. There is a special guide for applying the retro effects. It is better to refer it accompanied by personal experiments to make a good black and white video.

Highlights of the Editing tool

  • An extensive range of effects are available under the Effects tab.
  • The After a dozen special effects are available in the Filters segment.
  • Preview Window is available to check each effect before actually applying it.
  • Additional special effects can be done with help of settings and different options.
  • All the effects can be applied at a time or individually as per user’s choice.
  • ‘Frame Shaking’, ‘Film Grain’, vignette and ‘Vertical Scratches’ are some of the best special effects.

In spite of all these useful features, what makes the Movavi Video Editor really worthy is its compatibility. The software can work on almost all OS platform. The videos can be saved in a wide range of formats, post editing. Apart from these, a quality optimizer is available to export edited videos on tablets and Smartphone in the best possible quality. But make sure that the correct video file is added and editing is done on that only. So, add Sepia effect or a mix of sepia, retro, grayscale, 70s with the Old Movie filter to an over colorful video. Share your self-made old film effect video on the social media and be an eye-catcher.

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