Clip&Go: Start Editing Videos on Mobile Devices

Do you own one or more Android mobile devices that you use to record videos? Generally these devices are pretty good at recording high quality videos – but what if you want to trim out some parts of the videos that you record or edit them in other small ways?

In the past most people who want to edit videos tend to go through the routine of transferring videos over to their PC or Mac so that they could use a video editor. However instead of that you could try using Clip&Go ( to edit your video directly on the mobile device that you’re using.

Needless to say being able to edit the videos that you record directly on your device will be a lot more convenient – but that is far from the only benefit of using Clip&Go. It also has developed a reputation for being so user-friendly and intuitive – to the point where it actually makes video editing a lot more accessible to anyone who has little or no experience doing so in the past.

All that you need to do to start editing your videos using Clip&Go is to add the clips that you want to edit into the app. Once you do you will be able to use its features and:

  • Merge several video clips together into a single video of any length.
  • Arrange the clips that you add in the sequence that you want them to appear.
  • Cut your video into segments so that you can trim away any parts of the video that you don’t want to use.
  • Add music to accompany your video by choosing a track from your device’s library or one from the built-in selection that is available.
  • Set up the background music so that only a specific part of the track you’re using overlays your video footage.
  • Save your video in either portrait, landscape or square depending on how you want it to appear.

As you should be starting to see these features are more than sufficient to take the video clips that you record and transform them into a nice little video – one that is worth uploading or sharing with others. If you’ve ever wanted to create cool videos for social media or any other purpose, Clip&Go is your ticket to start doing so conveniently and without having to come up against any hurdles.

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