Google beat Autism through its new invention of Google Glass

google glassGoogle Glass designed US startup applications and hardware extensions for autistic children social and communication skills and at the same time feedback to developers learning can help them a lot.

Cambridge Massachusetts-based startup called brain power of neuroscientists Ned T Sahin be based studies at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Institute of technology has innovated this technology.


Disorder widely is reported brain power autism first on children with high-functioning rewarded is expected signed the autism spectrum to extend the capabilities of apps to other children as well as Tech Crunch .Bisher have 200 people for the beta program of brain power which is held in three stages next year and also the logs from the Harvard Medical School conducted by the team members of brain power.

Sahin believes that Google Glass is the ideal help for children with autism because an accelerometer chip which allows the head gestures that he has used the power of their brains when kids are looking for their parents not to continue the show as well as stereotypy or repeating the movements that have many people with autism.”In this way, we offer numerical evaluation reproducible objectives of the current behaviors of a child as well as the progress over time,” he said.


Google apps makes glass brain power brain called Suite designated for autism, change Children Stop interacts with your parents and make eye contact showing how exercises for the game. Brain power has apps “social engagement module monitor ‘ evaluate as a child bride with her parents appears if they are looking for the face and eyes of the parents.”

Then the software brain power will help children express
ions of their families through a series of play and exercises that help them with the aim of the facial emotions to discover also if not to interpret the Google Glass.


“Has often surprised his parents quickly adjust your kids use Google Glass,” said Fernando Santos.”Even children the problems of sensory overload something often occurred in autism found the bear wear Google Glass-in fact often are excited to do” Sahin added.


Are other areas that will take power from the suite of the brain in the attack. When a child something about Google Glass look, the object appears identifies the device, image processing and your name and spoken by glass speakers or headphones.Children can be finally personal coaching conversation language about the app.


Brain power-software uses also the accelerometer the Google glass panes to predict whether attempter tantrum and carers and children suggestions to the calm should have.


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