Managing after-purchase expenses associated with smartphones

Expense-managementSo you have just purchased a not so cheap smartphone. The features are amazing and make you satisfied. But then, upgrading from your old phone to this new one also brings new expenses. Higher the features and technological advancements more will be the after sales expenses. With the new device, you will be more prone towards using the attractive features that comes with it. Most of the features are internet oriented and hence, requires strong data plan to continue. Be it email checking, online playing, social networking, or chatting, a healthy data plan is essential to enjoy the experience. But that will cost you some good amount of money. Go for the 3G and 4G internet plans and your expenses will increase by a quite a bigger margin. Also, there will be options to download highly attractive apps from the Google Apps store. Most of the attractive apps are paid ones and never comes for free. If you want to install them on your smartphone, then again you need to purchase the app for a handful of dollars. Expenses are increasing!

Saving on the smartphone cost post purchase

If you observe properly, then most of the costs associated post purchase of the smartphone devices are tiny ones. Yes, there are many costs involved but in smaller amount. But that is where the problem lies. Yes, you opt for an app while paying a very minute amount and then again after a few days, you pay for some other apps. Remember, these smaller amounts adds up and finally, you end up investing a lot on the device that already is an expensive one. If you start to calculate the additional amounts you spent on the smartphone, then definitely the total overspent amount will make you shun in disbelief.

Managing after-purchase expenses for smartphones is necessary. Or else, you may end up spending big bucks on the electronic device whose ultimate purpose is to communicate over a distance. Follow these tips to manager the after-purchase expenses effectively.

First and foremost, you need to turn off the in-apps purchases option in the phone. Althought he smartphones offers plenty of entertainment options, but you need to consider your pocket also. Unless you have the lamp of Aladdin, you cannot spent your hard earned money on unnecessary mobile app downloads. There are apps that may help with credit card debts. But are they enough reliable? If they are free to download, then ok. Otherwise, you should avoid purchasing these apps. If you want to install apps, then go for the free apps section. There are plenty of attractive apps available free of cost. Get them and stay away from the paid ones.

Next, you need to choose your mobile talk+data plan carefully. Check on your total monthly usage and accordingly opt for the most viable plan. Choose the service provider that offers the cheapest rates on phone calls and internet data plans. Look for combo plans. There is no need to pay for more when you don’t have such requirement.

You can save a lot on international calling rates by installing the text cum voice apps. Install apps like Skype, Viber, and Whatsapp to do international calls and chat with your friends and relatives staying abroad. This will save a lot of your money that surely would have gone wasted if you followed the calling option.

Using Wi-Fi more for the mobile internet is a better option to save some money on your mobile internet plan. While in home, get a wi-fi router and use the same internet connection that you use for your laptop PC in your smartphone. Both devices will be connected and at the same time, you will not have to pay anything extra for the purpose. Home internet plans are usually and preferably unlimited.

When purchasing the cell phone, the salesman will try to sell an insurance policy for the device. It will cost some dollars on a monthly basis investment. But will that be a great option? It will only waste some more money from your pocket. The best, never purchase the mobile insurance policy. Rather, when the device starts to malfunction, you spend some money in getting it repaired. If you are one hell of an unlucky person then only your device will keep causing troubles. Otherwise, such scenarios will not take place frequently. Also, when you purchase a phone, it definitely comes with a year’s free warranty service for hardware and software malfunctioning. So there is no need to pay for such insurances.

Then, there is a strong urge among people to change the back cover of their smartphones. If you also have similar urge, then go for the low priced covers available in the market. There are several highly expensive ones. But in most case, the expensive nature is entirely because of the design. More attractive the design, higher will be the price. Also, the price depends on the manufacturing companies too. If you want to purchase back panels for Samsung smartphone from Samsung only, then you have to pay big bucks. But if you look for true clones that also have similar appearance but not manufactured by Samsung, then you can save some big bucks by paying less.

Finally, when planning to purchase a smartphone, the best way to save unnecessary expenses is by purchasing a good product from a reputed brand. Purchase a leading branded smartphone as the chances of functioning improperly is much less with these devices. Also, the battery of these smartphones is available widely at different reputed mobile stores. Service centers are prompt and available in most of the cities. All these will save some good bucks from getting wasted unnecessarily.

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