Microsoft innovates real time translation software for windows 8.1

skypeIntroduction of a test program of Spanish German with Skype Messenger Service announced a new step toward real-time translation on Monday says Microsoft.

“The Viewer program will begin with two languages Spanish and English. Skype translator opens endless possibilities for people around the world connect communicate and collaborate. Now there won’t be any people who will be hindered by geography and language. ”

The program had its first rehearsal with students in Mexico City and his colleagues at a school in Tacoma, Washington.

” A classroom of children speak Spanish and one speaking English that Skype translator removed this barrier and allowed them to communicate together said Pall.


“Skype Translator is based on machine learning which means that the technology is used is smarter. We start with more people using Skype Translator Preview with these languages, English and Spanish the quality will improve continually. ”

“The viewer program will kick-off with two languages Spanish and English and 40 + languages available messaging snapshots Skype customers have Gangbang in ‘ Skype login page translator and use Windows 8.1 on the desktop or on the device.”


The service also available for Windows users are 10 technical previews. Microsoft announced in May which calls, a breakthrough in the real time transmission of language translation said the vision of “universal translator” in the science fiction series Star Trek meets.

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