Simple Video Editing With Movavi!

If video editing is your forte and you are eager to go ahead in this field of specialization then you must be acquainted with most of the video editing softwares. There are a lot of softwares that require special training and skill to operate. It is not any layman’s task. It can also be the case that these softwares cost a lot and major investment is required in both downloading and training yourself in the software. This is a problem that majority of the budding editors face. Here comes the Movavi simple video editor software. It has now gained huge popularity and widespread acceptance among the video editors from across the world.

It is capable of solving most of your problems. It is extremely user friendly and also provides for free online tutorials to make you understand the procedure of using it.  The layout of the software is very easy and simple to understand. It is effortless to navigate all the options and create professional looking videos.

It is important to mention that this software package is compatible with all the operating systems like Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista, or 8. It is also compatible with your Mac. Importing videos from any source is really simple. HDV, DV and HD cameras, webcams, cassette tapes, PC files- all can be the source of video importing. This feature has attracted huge fame for this software. In addition to this, streaming online videos can also be recorded. You can also record what is happening on your screen.

The Movavi simple video editor is capable of multi-tasking. Your video clips can be splited, joined, and cropped to give it a new form. An array of special effects is available for you to choose from along with special transition techniques. If you love the color green, the Chroma key effect will serve your purpose to create green screen work. The quality of your video can also be restored by increasing the brightness, color contrast and noise.  Slideshows of your images can also be made. Exact beginning and ending points of your video can be selected to cut your video and adjusted with suitable transitions. Sound tracks can also be added from any source.

Movavi video editor is a complete package with suitable video editing tools for all the budding editors. It is freely downloadable and hence no exaggerated costs are involved. The free tutorials make it all the more easy to learn.

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