Skype offers a bug that can listen to other users

skypeSkype offers a bug that can listen to other users without real effort for Android app supposedly .As a reddit user Ponkers (via Android police) discovered security bug on Android app can “to respond to Android version of Skype impose so you listen.”

As Ponkers explains it requires that two devices associated with the Skype-account Android phone (device1) and desktop (2 devices). Now, if the user the Android appliance target device (3) with the Android powered device (1) and then the Internet disconnects while Android responds necessarily translates to an invocation of Android phone from target device (3) for the user in the desktop (2 units) and an automatic connection without the equipment owner to know target device (3).

Latest Android gadgets could replicate the issue when the Android police refers to make some users do not experience this automatic call and connect the behavior. The Skype app on the desktop should be linked and connected a webcam or microphone for each actual interception can occur.


It is not known that the Skype staff still familiar with the problem, but when considering that this error is supposedly working for multiple users urgently needs help from Microsoft.


In the past month has the bug updated for Android update the Redmond giant Skype more complaining that the app in default of delivery by chat notifications was affected over a last mass.


An addition brought the Skype update as some new features. These new features include quick chat window open, Photo-photo to Android smartphones Capable of Skype for IPhone and other new customers receive pictures, support for Hindi and improved text formatting is also been favored.

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