Sony recovered back on track for gamers after Christmas

Sony playstation 4PlayStation from Sony that was back online network and he had attacked claimed been three days later and the Microsoft Xbox was at a standstill.

Cut a Christmas day allegedly coordinated hack game consoles both hot gifts for the holiday season even though the Xbox has worked at full capacity since Friday.

“PlayStation Network and some other games services were attacked during the holidays with artificially high traffic, in order to disturb the connectivity and the online game play,” Catherine Jensen, Vice President of Sony’s consumer experience is California-based U.S. said in a blog post Saturday afternoon.

“PlayStation Network is back online,” he added. All except three Xbox applications above have been up and running since Friday. Games users took to twitter to celebrate the return of PlayStations. “It was just this Pack ps4 and exchanges it for an Xbox one. Just in time “. Twitter user @xander63090Posted.

Sony earlier this month by a sophisticated hacker attack had taken stolen large amounts of data from their servers. North Korea has the United States accuse that the attack with the reclusive angry with the introduction of the Sony film “interview” which parodied the leaders Kim Jong-UN.

Analysts said a direct connection between the Sony PlayStation and Sony Pictures attacks was not likely and that the latest hack probably was the work of amateur’s fame seen.

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